A Great Run and a Great Catch!

First of all I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jeff, Darlene, Jenn, Katherine, and Gracie for making the largest donation to my fundraising goal so far!! You guys are awesome!

I had such a relaxing, stress-relieving run today! The weather was nice and cool but it started raining about halfway through. I don’t mind that at all but then I remembered that my brother David had come with me again… I was running through the part of the loop that is blocked by trees and I expected to come out of them and see Dave making a beeline for the car – but no! I came out of the trees and he was standing on the dock, without a jacket, fishing pole in hand, waving and cheering at me. He stayed there the whole time so I wouldn’t have to run by myself. He’s a great brother and he even managed to catch a fish today! 



Week 3!

It’s been a busy two weeks but I’m getting into a good habit with my running now. Yesterday and today I ran 3 miles and it’s hard but getting easier every time. I keep thinking about how amazing it’s going to feel to cross that finish line!

Joey and my brother David have been coming with me and fishing while I run. They like being there and I love having people to pass and to encourage me while I run! Fundraising has been a little slower than I’d hoped and I’d like to ask everyone to consider donating to my personal fundraising page! Please!!! Check it out here and any information on the charity I’m running for, WITNESS, can be found here. Thanks everyone!!

2 Down…24.2 To Go…




These pictures are from a pond/park area near my house where I’m running now. It’s great for short distances like 2 miles which I did today. My run was so great and it was soo beautiful outside today! I know 2 miles is nothing to a lot of people but it’s already so much easier for me than it was on Monday and that makes me feel better..like I’m moving forward and I CAN do this marathon.

I had to run today without my training partner. My wonderful boyfriend Joe messed up his knee last night and cant run with me anymore 😦 Today definitely wasn’t the same but I’m not quitting! Get better Joey! 


Hi everyone (and by everyone, I mean Mom and Joe)!! This is going to be my blog where I write all about my experiences while I’m training for the NYC Marathon!!! My goal for this is just to finish and have as much fun as possible getting there. The race is November 4th and I just started my training. I can’t believe I’m doing this – 26.2 miles! Yikes! Say a prayer for me!

I’m running as a part of Team WITNESS, which is an organization that uses video to document and spread awareness of human rights violations all over the world. This is a great cause and if you’re interested in learning more, visit the website at www.witness.org.

Since I’m a part of this team, I’m fundraising for them while training and I have a personal goal to raise $3,000. I know it’s a lot, but I also know that I have some very kind and generous friends and family who will support me! So far I’d like to thank Christina, Amy, Richard, Sam, Emma, Jack, and Joe for being my first donors!! If you’re interested in donating, please CLICK HERE to visit my personal fundraising page. Every little bit will help me reach my goal! You guys are awesome!