A Great Run and a Great Catch!

First of all I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jeff, Darlene, Jenn, Katherine, and Gracie for making the largest donation to my fundraising goal so far!! You guys are awesome!

I had such a relaxing, stress-relieving run today! The weather was nice and cool but it started raining about halfway through. I don’t mind that at all but then I remembered that my brother David had come with me again… I was running through the part of the loop that is blocked by trees and I expected to come out of them and see Dave making a beeline for the car – but no! I came out of the trees and he was standing on the dock, without a jacket, fishing pole in hand, waving and cheering at me. He stayed there the whole time so I wouldn’t have to run by myself. He’s a great brother and he even managed to catch a fish today! 


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