Several new things to update you on! 1. I ran 5 miles yesterday!! 2. Now my foot kinda hurts. 3. I’m obsessed with SweatyBands. 4. Gu is GROSS.

I had a great run yesterday and it was such a beautiful day! However, my left foot was a little sore at the beginning of the run and it ended up being really painful by the end of it. I hope it doesn’t turn into anything too serious. I’m icing now and I might need to get better arch support for my left foot at some point. But overall I felt great after! Skipping to number 4.. I have a few “energy supplements” that I’ve been meaning to try out so I did after mile 3 yesterday. Essentially, these things are just calories in various forms – gels, jelly beans, bars, etc. They just give you a burst of energy and this one called vanilla Gu is supposed to taste like a vanilla milkshake so thats what I tried yesterday… I was literally expecting to squeeze out a vanilla milkshake and unfortunately that’s not what I got. Ugh probably one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever tasted…


I think I’m gonna stick with the jelly beans from now on.. And back to number 3. There’s this company SweatyBands that makes headbands for athletes and they are kind of the best thing in the whole entire world. I always need my hair pulled back and out of my face and usually if I run I have to fix my headbands constantly because they fall out. So not only do these headbands stay in place – they’re pretty! I have a few sparkly ones and I want a hundred more. I’m gonna work on my parents for that one. Here’s me in my silver sparkly one after one of my runs last week!


And lastly, here’s another friendly yet probably annoying reminder to DONATE!!! www.crowdrise.com/witnessnyc2012/fundraiser/jenniferrobbins

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