14 Is Nothing!

So if you couldn’t tell from the title I was SUPER excited about my 14 mile run this past weekend!! Never thought I’d be saying that but it was awesome! I run about as fast as a turtle but I am consistent. I honestly ran 13.5 of the 14 miles and every one of my mile times was within maybe ten seconds of the others. So I’m happy about that! I felt great after, too. I was home from school for this run and did several large laps around my tiny town. My parents got in their car too and drove around bringing me water, power bars, and keeping me moving. Just seeing them helps so much! And my mom ran the last 2.5 miles with me too! Woohoo, Robin!! And then as I collapsed the second after I finished the 14th mile, my amazing boyfriend pulled up with pancakes and gatorade… love him 🙂 My mom took some great pictures too that day so I’m sharing them with you all!

Quick shout out to Mrs. Bacon for all her amazing help and marathon wisdom! She helped me come up with a new training schedule for my last 7 weeks so I don’t injure myself trying to catch up to my previous one. She is fantastic and helped me so so much!!

And lastly, thanks SO much to my most recent donors, the Berry family, the Bacon family, and Jonathon Hendler (who is also running the marathon for WITNESS)!! I can’t thank you guys enough!

Now we are at 7 weeks to go. 12 miles to go. $1400 to go. I can do this!!! Enjoy the pictures from this weekend 🙂





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