6 Weeks To Go!

Hey all! Hope everyone’s week is going well! This is going to be a shortish post because I’m currently in the middle of hitting myself over the head with my accounting textbook, hoping something stays with me for my big test on Thursday. Wish me luck.. Anyway, I had my 16 mile run last Saturday and all I’m gonna say is I finished. Not my best, but not my worst, either. I just did it. And it was hard. I’m feeling good, though. No injuries and no pain anywhere during my runs finally (except for my knee but that’s a different story). I guess I should say no running-related pains. I’m pretty sore after them but I’ve been icing and stretching and I feel good today! Now real quick I’ll tell you about my knee. This would be an appropriate time to get popcorn and enjoy the scene I’m going to lay before you. Last Wednesday I did my 8 mile run around the National Mall, the monuments, the Capitol, and all those beautiful things (you can see in the pictures below). And while I was running around the tidal basin at mile 3, I ran through a big muddy area (it poured the night before), got my foot caught on an outstretching root, and proceeded to face plant. Hard. I almost fell IN the tidal basin… seriously. Panicking that the group of European tourists I had just passed was about to come around the bend and start taking pictures of this spastic girl laying in the mud, I was quick to get up and get out of there. I was covered head-to-toe in mud and bleeding profusely from my knee and elbow. My hair was a mess and I was sweating like crazy. Not exactly the picture of a graceful runner. I think I scared a few people after that when they saw me coming. Anyway, I finished all 8 miles of that run and looked totally badass, if I do say so myself. But when I fell I hit my left knee really hard and I think I have a bad bone bruise. It hurts to run and walk and go down stairs. I can run through it but I just hope it goes away soon. Ugh! It’s always something…

Now to thank some AWESOME donors – The Cottrell family, the Archer family, Sam Abel, Ryan Ososki, Mary Kate Kotchick, Colin McCarthy, Rose Lernihan, and Nick Compagnone. You all have put me at $2000!!!! THANK YOU!

For anyone else who wants to donate: http://www.crowdrise.com/witnessnyc2012/fundraiser/jenniferrobbins.

Remember, I’m running this for WITNESS: www.witness.org.

Below are pictures from my run on Wednesday! Enjoy!

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