14 Days Left

Okay so yesterday at the doctor’s office I found out it’s not a stress fracture but it’s tendonitis in my posterior tibial tendon (that’s the tendon that goes down the calf muscle and attaches to the inside of the foot/ankle). He said that I am not damaging my foot any more by running the marathon but he doubts I’ll be able to run through that pain. He said I can start but I won’t finish. So yeah. That really sucked. I’m going to do some short runs this week and see how it feels and I’m going to hopefully start physical therapy. It’s not a really bad injury, just painful apparently. I’ll be sure to post something more upbeat later this week. For now I’m just really frustrated.

However, I do want to HUGELY thank the Koeth family, Aunt Whodat and her family, the O’Donovan Family, Joe Morelli (I hope someone has read the Stephanie Plum series and gets this reference…Yes – THAT Joe Morelli!!! Courtesy of Granny Robbins), and my Uncle E!!!!!

I have currently raised $2,312 thanks to all of you wonderful people!!! Please help me be the first on my fundraising team to reach $3,000! We’re almost there!!!!!





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